Real Food Boards

Tips for getting more real food in your family’s diet:

1 – Consistent & repetitive exposure to new, healthier foods is important. Sometimes they won’t eat it and some day they might decide to try it, but if you don’t offer it – you (and they) will never know if they like it.

2 – Swap junk foods for cleaner, healthier choices. Instead of greasy chips, offer tasty crackers or baked chips. Instead of candy or cookies, find something like this pumpkin granola with dark chocolate.

3 – Always include something healthy that you know they already like and will eat. If they’re hangry and only see foods that aren’t familiar – good luck, mama. Avoid the meltdown and the pressure by offering something good they can eat to balance their blood sugar. Maybe then they’ll be more more willing to try other things on the plate.

4 – Make it fun and colorful. Add in themed items and get creative if you want to. Talk about why certain foods are good. Red foods helps our heart stay strong. Orange foods makes our eyes healthy.

5 – The more healthy, whole foods they eat, the more their bodies will crave/want more healthy, whole foods. If you’re having a hard time getting them to eat fruits or veggies, click here for a delicious produce powder gummy that will load those little bodies up with thousands of nutrients from over 30 plants a day.

6 – You’ll eat what you buy. Make small changes by swapping one or two things on your grocery list for healthier options each time you shop.

7 – Choices are our superpower. Offer variety when you can. Everyone feels better when they get to choose.

We do board meals often in our house. It’s easier to clean up. Everyone can pick and choose what they want to eat (and you can include lots of clean, healthy options). There is a lot of variety so there is something for everyone. And it’s fun! You can try different themes, get creative on special occasions, have silly contests using the food on the board. So many options and not a ton of prep work.

Get started by scanning your fridge and pantry and identify things that are fresh and maybe some things you need to use up. These boards are great for a clean-out-the-fridge kind of meal! For a basic board, I try to include these items:

  • 2-3 cheeses
  • 2-3 meats
  • 3-5 fruits & veggies
  • nuts
  • crackers or chips
  • dips or sauces
  • pickled veggies and/or olives

Obviously you can customize to your tastes and things your family likes, but this is a good guideline to get started. I buy organic, non-gmo as much as possible and especially when I’m stocking up on dairy & produce. Keep things somewhat balanced with bland & flavorful, soft & crunchy, salty & sweet, colorful & beige. If you cover all those bases, hopefully everyone will find a few things they like and maybe even a few new foods to taste!

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