Welcome! I’m Jamie, a 38 year old mama of 6 year old boy-girl twins and a 5 year old boy (17 months apart if you’re wondering about specifics – and no it was not planned – just a tiny bunch of surprises in a tiny little less than 2 year window). I’m here to share my journey in healthy “freestyle” {because I wanna give it a fancy name} living. Formerly a headache/migraine, “seasonal” (aka all year long) allergies, IBS, gastritis, GERD (reflux disease), infertility, chronic sinus infection, always sick & tired (but told by several doctors that is was all incurable) sufferer. Cue the FOOD-miracle.

I changed my lifestyle, my diet, and my whole life – but I still believe in livin it up, indulging and ENJOYING life. My journey was not easy and I’ve learned a lot along the way. I lived into my late 20’s eating the SAD {Standard American Diet} diet and not knowing ANYTHING about nutrition or food from a health perspective. But, I was MISERABLE. I was SUFFERING. I was malnourished, underweight and honestly, I can’t imagine how much worse it would be now had I not changed my lifestyle.

After I spent 2.5 years healing my body with whole, real, plant powders in a capsule, and learning how my lifestyle affects how I feel, I decided I could not keep this gift of healing and health and happiness to myself. And now I’m here, in my late 30’s (arguably still my mid 30’s), the healthiest I’ve been in my life, with three beautiful, healthy kids, just hoping to inspire others to make simple changes for a healthier (but by no means perfect) kind of life!

Perfection is only what exists in your mind as true bliss – right?! I want to be healthy but I also want to live my best life, too. So that probably means making choices that make me feel really good in my body and doing the things that make my heart really happy. And sometimes my heart really wants a donut. I realize there is no one size fits all health/diet/program/lifestyle so I’m just gonna dish about all the ways I find my own little version of balance.

It feels great to feel great and it feels even better to help other people experience the same. Thanks for being here. I hope you find inspiration to live your life in the most blissful perfectly imperfect way, too.

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