When I posted this picture to Instagram yesterday, I was really feeling bummed about the cooler temps and fall-like weather that has suddenly crept in on us here in Portland. But today, as I sit here writing this, I have a cozy blanket on my lap, a warm fire started in the fireplace and convincing myself to enjoy the early transition of seasons. Because really – can we even resist the pumpkin-everything and contain our excitement over cute fall decor inspo and the NEED for a closet and meal planning refresh?! CAN WE?!? Either way, I know there are people out there looking for ideas to eat up some freshly harvested heirlooms and some remaining sweet corn from a hot and bountiful summer. So. Join me in a Meatless Monday summon-the-sun-back dinner tonight or save these ideas for next summer. And enjoy the simple ways you can make this salad your own by swapping out ingredients with things you have on hand or items you prefer.

Before we get into the assembling of this deliciousness, I just want to announce my blogging rookiness and admit that I only have two pictures. Two pictures of two different versions of this salad. There are no photos of the heirlooms before I cut them or how I sliced them. No images of the step by step assembly of this beautiful one plate dinner. I’m a beginner and that’s all there is to it. So, I hope you love the two photos and I hope I can describe the recipe in acceptable detail. And if I don’t, just know that you really can’t mess this up. That’s what I love about it – especially in the summer when I don’t feel like cooking. You can throw it together in about 15 minutes tops and it’s totally forgivable.

Find yourself a large platter or plate to assemble this goodness. Spread a good layer of greens to cover the platter. I chose arugula for both versions, but you could easily swap with anything you like – spinach, kale, swiss chard, etc. Then add a layer of sliced heirloom tomatoes. Or you could do sliced cherry or plum tomatoes, or romas, or whatever you have on hand. For one version of this salad I also chose to add some sliced peaches, which was a nice, sweet addition. Pile on some avocado and if you have some roasted sweet corn, that gives it a nice flavor and added texture. Top it off with some burrata cheese. Fresh mozzarella or goat cheese would also be great with this. And if you’re eating a vegan diet, you can skip the cheese or swap it out with your favorite non-dairy cheese. Finally, dress the salad! Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and either balsamic reduction or balsamic vinegar. That’s it! Take it to the table and dig in!! I hope you enjoy whatever version of this salad you put together and I hope you also fully enjoy whatever season it is today. Rain or shine, we still gotta dine! AmIRight?! Love yas.

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